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Playing Live

Happy to be a part of the group of musicians licensed to play at Granville Island and at TransLink SkyTrain Stations. People from all around the world visit Vancouver and Granville Island is one of its most popular touristic destinations. I've been a frequent visitor since 2016 and have in 2017 put an end to an hiatus of performing live. Doing my best to make justice to the great atmosphere and sight seeing at Granville and bringing my best effort to play at the Stations.


In case we've met and I have given you a contact card, this was the process to put it together. Each recipient is unique so is each card. I'll always recall the pleasant effort of making each of them. Also, now that some cards have been given, I'd like to add that I'll recall each of those moments and hopefully will keep in touch somehow, be it in person or through music.